A world class resort downtown 

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Enjoy  365 days of vacation on an exclusive island 

Truly natural living space contiguous

with the river on all 4 sides


Top 10 best things of swanbay

A world class resort downtown on a prominent natural island in Ho Chi Minh City 

A pristine green space along full of perfect facilities at 5-star resort standard offers local residents 365-day vacation. 

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Where the essence of life harmonizes

Modern design bearing the hallmark of contemporary architecture
A superior design giving priority to open spaces in order to make the most of natural lighting and fresh air.  Greenery and water surfaces add a sophisticated touch of fengshui and architecture. 

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News & Update

The East of Ho Chi Minh city has held a special allure for investors and customers. Since initial information was...
The Promotion Program of SwanBay to celebrate SwanCity Anniversary Celebration. The total value of Promotion Program is...
A Signing Ceremony took place earlier on January 27th for the Memorandum of Understanding concerning Cooperation...

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